Fall Colours

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With beautiful fall colours brings a darker season with

winter arriving shortly. This is the time when

storm damage happens and the beginning of tree removal.

The fall can be windy and therefore breaks and knocks

down many trees. When looking for tree or stump removal

or even brush cutting always get a professional.

Tree Removal by Eagle Tree and Landscaping Service
Fell tree during a winter storm in North Bay Ontario. Tree removal provided by Eagle Tree and Landscaping Service

Winter Wonderland

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Northern Ontario’s Winter Wonderland. A carpet of snow, picture taken in North Bay Ontario – January 2017, photo credit to PM.

North Bay Ontario
Walking trails in North Bay Ontario in January 2017.

My love of travel

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I love posting about our travel that we have done over the years. As I write these posts it brings back all the great memories and good times we have had globetrotting around the world.

Hopefully you will enjoy some of these fascinating places we have visited.

I will keep posting and sharing as time provides.





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Now this was a travel destination I will never forget.


I was travelling with a friend of mine who works in

North Bay (check this out) and he was always wanting

to travel to Africa. This is one of the hundreds of pictures

we took on our travels. We were on a game farm where

they take care of these very large animals.


Vegas Baby

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

I am sure you have heard that before.

Harley Davidson and Vegas what a great combination.

A friend of mine who runs a business in North Bay (click here)

took this photo when he was there. I love this photo.

It looks so cool coming out of the wall like it is.

Harley Davidson

London England

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London England 2012

Love, Love, Love England

We have been there a few times now.

Love the “tube” –

London England
London England